Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Intro to Digital...

Started a new class, super fun.
My teached gave me and a few other "more advanced" kids in the class a special assignment on top of the Design Elements project. We were to incorporate a "decisive moment" into our composition. I used Chinatowns sweet crosswalk pattern as a template for design, and waited for a time with harsh shadows to make vivid forms over the lines, and waited for a subject to compliment the composition. My teacher seemed stoked on the idea. I'm a total teacher's pet, it's pretty badass.
Broadway at Elysian Valley
City Terrace
Steepest streets ever in City Terrace. I <3 riding non-brakeless.
Metro 84
84 Bus in Chinatown. Also for the decisive moments/design element project.
Evergreen Cemetary
Evergreen Cemetary in Boyle Heights. So stoked on all the shots I got from here. Boyle Heights has got some interesting stuff to shoot, including an impressive stray dog population that I hope to document.
Evergreen Cemetary
This one pretty much composed itself.
Evergreen Cemetary
For the dead homies...


  1. I'm impressed. Your photos just keep getting better and better all the time. Keep it up!!

  2. Really like your first photo, the tones are amazing. I really like this perspective. The shadows, the details and the lines make it quite captivating.