Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trader Joe, please define this word: Trash

I don't have regular access to a computer, so I can't update this everyday, but I'll take the picture a day regardless and upload a few whenever I get access to a computer.
I was riding up Broadway and noticed a huge section of chainlink fence had been broken, so I doubled back and wandered into the field. I didn't have a crucial piece of my tripod, but I'm still happy with the picture I got.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Photo a Day, Perhaps?

This post is merely a test of this blogs capabilities, to get me used to the intensity that is "". I have been inspired to start a documentation of my life after seeing a website compiled of thousands of Polaroids taken over the span of nineteen years, chronicling the life and eventual death of a man I feel like I got to know somewhat through his images. Each day is a picture without any sort of explanation, leaving the ambiguous images up for interpretation.
The website is here:
Browse through and maybe you will feel inspired like I do.
As the month wraps up, I'll be yet another year older. I want to make this year count. Twenty years old.... fuck!